MUA Haul


I have always loved shopping. The idea of having something new excites me. And the fact the I can do it from the comfort of my own bed, is even better!

Unfortunately, Makeup Academy (MUA) is not supplied in Malta and therefore, I can only get their products through online shopping. Since online shopping charges you for shipping, I don’t purchase often but tend to get a couple of items at once – so this is a very much deserved MUA Haul! So let’s get started!

Luxe Pretty Edgy Eye Palette – £8


I think this is the item I’m most excited about. Look at it! The top 6 eyeshadow are all shimmery shades whilst the bottom 4 are matte. These shadows are not only stunning but are super pigmented! I haven’t actually worn any of the shades but I have swatched some of the shadows on my fingers and they look gorgeous! The packaging is firm and even though it is plastic, it looks more expensive than it actually is. I think it’s right size – not too big but not too small which makes it perfect for travelling and storage. As the name of the palette implies, these shades give more of that evening, sultry look – something I’ve been missing in my makeup collection as I normally opt for safer shades. I will keep you updated about how the quality and application once I have a chance to test it out.

Matte Foundation in Honeycomb (Shade 2) – £2



Yes, that’s right! This foundation is just £2! I’ve been wanting to try a matte foundation for so long – so I’ve decided to give this little one go. The packaging is small and sleek – perfect if you’re on the go. I haven’t tried the foundation out either but I have swatched it on my hand – I hope it’s not too light for me. I went with the middle shade Honeycomb simply because Shade 1 looked too light and Shade 3 looked way too dark. When swatched, it did leave a nice matte finish so now I’ll just have to wait and see if it truly gives a ‘velvet smooth long-lasting finish’ as it claims it does.

Nailpolish in Bullet – £1, Brushes (various) – £1.50 – £1.95



Starting off with the nailpolish – I got the shade Bullet because I didn’t have a grey nailpolish. I would say that for just £1, it’s good. The brush is quite small so it’s not that easy to work with and the colour doesn’t go on opaque – you need about 2 or 3 layers depending on how heavy-handed you are. The good thing about it is that it dries really quickly and on the whole the colour is quite nice. Since this isn’t a Spring shade at all, I used it as an accent nail because I still wanted to try it out. You can check out how it looks here.

I also got three brushes – the F3 Concealer Brush, the E2 Eyeshadow Contour Brush and the E6 Eyebrow Brush with Comb. I actually got the Concealer Brush not to primarily use for concealer. I know. The reason I purchased the F3 is for eyeshadow application in the inner corner of my eyes. I’ve already tried it out and it works great! Also used it to lightly line (try saying that fast!) the bottom lashes with eyeshadow.

I haven’t used the E2 yet, but it’s angled and fluffy (without being too soft). From the looks of it, I think it will do it’s job well. The third and final brush is the E6 brush which I honestly just bought so I have a makeup tool handy if I needed it.

Mosaic Bronzer in Natural Glow (Shade 1) – £2.50


This goes on pretty as it looks in the pot. I tried this on for the first time this weekend and it’s beautiful. I’m not sure if I would suggest it to pale or light-skinned people – maybe you should be more careful when applying it. The aim of this bronzer is obviously to swirl your brush in the product and all those different shade together, leave you with a natural contour. It does have a shimmer but it’s not overpowering – just gives you the slightest shine. Love it!

Undress Me too Palette – £4


This palette is a sequel to the Undressed Palette and after being sold out every time I visit the website, I finally got my hands on it! I can’t help but think if MUA marketing these two palettes as a dupe for Urban Decay’s Naked and Naked 2 Palettes. Not only are the shades similar, but the Undressed Palette resembles the Naked Palette, with their sister palettes matching too. Anyway, this 12 shade palette has 4 matte shades whilst the rest are shimmery. I haven’t got a chance to try this out so I swatched a couple of the shades on my hand. Just like the other MUA palettes I spoke about, these shadows have good pigmentation and formulated well. I will keep you posted about the quality once I try the palette out.

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OOTD: Easter Sunday

Welcome to my first Outfit of the Day (OOTD) !!

So last week, my family celebrated Easter Sunday  – an excuse for the whole family to stuff their faces with my Grandma’s yummy food! Basically, with the help of my brother Ian and my bestie Liza (who also happens to be my brother’s girlfriend!), I’ll be showing you my look for the day.


Starting off with the dress – I decided to wear this swing tartan dress as it’s light and really comfortable. When we’re having family lunches/dinners it’s always ideal to dress comfortably so this dress was just perfect for that, still keeping things stylish. I then paired the dress with these adorable black boots that I’m just IN LOVE with! This style of boots has been common for quite a while but only recently have I purchased these – and boy am I not sorry! They just give the right amount of edge to the look without going overboard..I can go on and on about these shoes so I’ll just stop here.


On to accessories – I’m that kind of person that feels lost without a watch so obviously, that’s a must have. I’ve lately been trying to get into wearing rings more often so here I have on two on my favourite ones as they’re simple, yet beautiful. The owl earrings are too cute to avoid so I HAD to wear them…plus they’re the only ‘animal’ earrings I own therefore the closest thing I have to Easter bunnies. I then finished off the look by wearing my gorgeous black clutch. This bag is actually more spacious than it looks. It has a gold chain to go with the gold detail in the front, but I preferred not to wear it with this outfit.



With regards to hair, I clipped back a bit of hair to keep it simple but giving it that slight messy look. As for makeup I just followed my normal makeup routine with the only differences being the slightly winged liner and red lipstick. If you’d like to see how I achieved this look, let me know in the comments below so I’ll recreate it for you 🙂



May I also apologize for my posing skills. The clothes looks better in real life. I promise.

What I Wore:
Tartan Dress – New Look
Boots – Topshop
Accessories – New Look
Clutch Bag – New Look

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Feeling Festive: Easter Nails

If I had to make a list of all the things I’m not good at, painting my nails would probably be right under ‘studying Chemistry’.

I constantly find myself watching nail art tutorials on Youtube and be like, meh too much work. I know – I’m impatient. But since it’s Easter tomorrow, I was feeling a little festive so I decided to show you my creation.




First, apply a base coat to protect your natural nail.


Then paint your nails a colour of your choice – I chose a mint colour but I think it would also look great using a white nail polish as your base colour . You may need to go over it more than once depending on the opacity of your nail polish.


Let your base colour to dry and then, using a dotting tool, dot on different coloured spots to your preference. In my opinion, the more random the spots are, the cuter it looks. Also, I used different sized spots to give the design more texture.




Finish off with your favourite fast-drying top coat to seal in your design and you’re good to go.


And there you have it! Your Easter Egg inspired nails are ready to show off!


Products I used:
Essence Studio Nails Ultra Strong Nail Hardener
e.l.f. Nail Polish in Mint Cream
e.l.f. Nail Polish in Nude
e.l.f. Nail Polish in Lavender Mist
Rimmel London Brit Manicure in Porcelain (430)
Essence Quick Dry Top Coat
Dotting Tools 

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Sick, Sick, Sick

So I must admit, I don’t have the strongest immune system. At all. It seems that my immune system and I are constantly not on the same page. So yes, I get sick a lot. But most of the time, it’s not ‘serious-sick’ – a cold, stomach virus, sore throat…throw a couple of infections here and there and we’re good to go.

Lately, it seems that everyone around me is falling ill someway or another and it was about time that I was next. So I am sick. Sick-ish. I currently have a chesty cough that sometimes gives me shortness of breath. I guess it’s not too bad and should be okay in no time. But even though I wish I could stay in bed all day and hibernate, things still have to get done.

And this is why I decided to share the ‘routine’ I follow so as to feel (and look) a bit better.

Firstly, may I say that I’m naturally lazy – so just imagine me when I’m not feeling well (I’ve realized that till now, this post is reflecting bad on me). That is why I avoid things such as washing my hair or painting my nails. However, I do feel that recovering from being sick is a process so once I start feeling a bit better, I do attempt to groom myself – it feels like you’re getting rid of the sickness.

After successfully getting out of bed, I normally start off with my skin routine. Now as you may have seen in my previous post, I don’t have a very complicated routine. However, in cases like this I just stick to a refreshing cleanser such as my Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash by The Body Shop and finish it off with a good moisturiser such as the Vitamin E Moisture Cream, also by The Body Shop. That simple.

I’ll normally put up my hair in a messy bun so it’s out of the way. If you have manageable hair and feel like being a bit fancier than a messy bun, sprinkle on some dry shampoo and a simple side braid will do the trick. Sporting a braid will make it look as if you spent more time on your hair than you actually did!

Let’s say I’m feeling brave and feel like going out – I’ll need to put on some makeup because there is no way I’m walking out of the house looking like I’m promoting a new campaign for dark circles and zits. Nothing too fancy. I normally apply my makeup right after moisturising my face, so I’ll go ahead with my e.l.f. All Over Cover Stick ( I use the shade Honey). What this does is basically evens out my complexion since my skin is slightly yellow-toned and so. If you’re not applying your makeup after moisturising your face, the easiest thing to do is to use a tinted moisturiser (ideally with an SPF). This way it’s moisturising and providing coverage at the same time. I personally use the All Over Cover Stick, so I would need to go back in with concealer to hide my dark circles and blemishes. The concealer I’m using is the Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Concealer + Treatment (wow, that’s a mouthful!). Even though this concealer is targeted for anti-aging and for dark circles, I use this for my dark circles as well as for blemishes and to cancel out any redness on my face.

Moving on to setting your makeup with powder. If you’re wearing minimal or a full face of makeup, you should always set your makeup so it stays put throughout the day and so you won’t look greasy. A good drugstore powder is the Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder. Next, I like to use The Body Shop’s Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder in Medium Matte (03). This is an optional step but I like to apply bronzer as it adds a bit of warmth to your face. I then lightly stipple on Sleek’s Blush in Rose Gold for a bit of colour on my cheeks.

A bit of eye makeup goes a long way. For a softer, more neutral look, I prefer to use brown liner over black. I personally skip this step because I feel I can get away with just mascara, but if you’re willing to go that extra step – why not?! For brown liner I normally use the e.l.f. Waterproof Eyeliner Crayon as it’s really easy to use and gives you the liberty of not being super precise. Finishing off my eye makeup, I apply the Maybelline New York The Falsies Volum’ Express Mascara in Very Black. I prefer using a waterproof mascara when I’m sick because that way it won’t get all over my face if my eyes water or I accidentally rub them.

Lastly, I apply some lip balm to prevent dry lips and I’m good to go. If I’m staying inside I’ll just slap on the Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm right after moisturising and that’s it. However, if I’m going out, I prefer using the Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Hibiscus as it gives off a splash of rosy colour.

Other things that help me when I’m feeling sick include a moisturising hand cream, a Vitamin C drink, reading (books mostly – I’m not that into magazines or catalogues) and of course – a good movie or series!

I hope you found this post interesting and not too dragging. If anyone of you reading this, happens to be sick – I wish you a speedy recovery!

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Review: MUA Palettes


MUA Logo

So today I’ll be writing about two drugstore palettes that I LOVE. As a full-time Uni student, I am constantly dealing with money constraints which let’s face it, is very frustrating when you have a somewhat expensive hobby. Unfortunately, even though most drugstore brands are relatively cheap, constantly purchasing new stuff may add up to be quite pricey. This is where these palettes come in.

As you may have read in the title of this blog post, these two palettes are by Makeup Academy (MUA). MUA is basically a UK based drugstore brand with good products and very cheap prices. In total I believe they have 16 palettes ranging from £4 – £8. BARGAIN! The two palettes I have are the Ever After Palette and the Heaven and Earth Palette. Considering that they are just £4 a piece, these two are amazing. Pigmented and long-lasting eyeshadows that do not crease.

Ever After Palette

Okay, so the Ever After Palette consists of 10 matte eyeshadows. For day to day, I tend to prefer matte shades over shimmery ones as give more of a subtle look. Then again, with matte shades, you can build them up for a night out without looking too shimmery. The palette has 4 pink based shades, 3 brown ones, a cream-yellow colour and a dark blue shade – a variety of warm and cool tones for you mix and match. As far as consistency goes, all the shades are powder and give that nice velvety soft finish, without being at all chalky.

MUA Ever After Palette.jpg

The palette is easy to use and comes with a two-side applicator. The packaging is your average plastic casing – but you have to keep in mind that you’re only paying £4 for it and ultimately, it’s the quality of the eyeshadows that really count. But the quality of the packaging aside, the casing is actually quite secure so it won’t be a problem when travelling.

On the whole, I love this palette and definitely recommend it, not only because it’s at an amazing price, but because it gives you the ability to create a variety of looks, from subtle and natural to smokey and glam. A must have in your makeup collection!

Ever After Palette Swatches


Heaven and Earth Palette

Something you should know about me – I LOVE neutral-looking eyeshadows. This is actually the first palette I bought from MUA and damn, did they make a good impression. Unlike Ever After, this palette is made up of 12 shimmery shades. They go on beautifully pigmented and surprisingly easy to blend. Once you get a bit of use out of them, you may notice that they’re not as shimmery as they were before – even though there’s a shimmer throughout all the product, I think that are sprayed with that extra shimmer on top. It was something worth mentioning, but not something that really bothers me as I do like shimmery eyeshadows that are not too ‘in your face’. Just like the other palette I mentioned, the shadows give a nice powdery-but-not-chalky finish and stay put from roughly 5-7hours.

MUA Heaven and Earth Palette.jpg

The palette also comes with a two-side applicator and has the same packaging as the Ever After Palette, but then again, it’s just £4 (yes, i know I can’t get over this). The one thing I would say I don’t like from this palette is that the eyeshadows aren’t named or numbered – I know, it might not bother most of you, but I do like knowing the name/number of the eyeshadow I’m using.

I obviously recommend this product, especially if you’re a neutral loving girl like me. It just gives you the perfect natural look!

Heaven and Earth Palette Swatches

I would also like to apologize about the quality of the swatches – I didn’t have very good lighting to work with so the colours didn’t show up too great on camera.

Do you have any of the MUA palettes? Enjoyed this review? Like the post! Share your thoughts and comments below!!

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Elaine xo

Top 5 Lipsticks for Spring

Top 5 Lipsticks for Spring

So Spring has just begun, and what’s better than sporting colourful lips?

I adore lipsticks, because I really do think they complete the look – from a full face of makeup to just having on some mascara, lipstick always seems to make things better. I tend to stick to my reds and pink toned lip products throughout the year because I’m used to them and if I’m on the go, they’re the colours I’d probably reach for. But going into Spring has made me want to try some more daring (in my case anyway) shades and so I came up with my own little ‘top 5 lipsticks’ for the season.


Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick in Heart Breaker (016)

The is the first Rimmel lipstick I have ever bought and it seems I just can’t get enough of. This pink shade is just beautiful for both day or night and stays on for ages! It is a creamy lipstick that gives you just the right amount of shine and feels so smooth on your lips. Perfect for those days when you don’t have time to apply a lot of makeup – slap on some mascara, lipstick and you’re good to go.

Heart Breaker

Sleek Makeup True Colour Lipstick in Coral Reef (772)

Bam! Now this is a Spring colour alright! Sleek couldn’t have come up with a better name for the line – Coral Reef is right on point! Firstly, I really like that the colour on the tube is the EXACT same colour as the product inside. Sometimes, the colour at the bottom varies from the actual product which is, well, disappointing and misleading. Anyway – back to the point of this post – this colour is stunning. I must admit, it’s probably a shade that doesn’t suit everyone since it’s quite vibrant, but then again, you decide how intense your application should be. I really recommend this one because it’s young, fun and energetic – and at Sleek’s affordable prices – why not?

Coral Reef

Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer in Big Bang (400)

This beauty is a recent purchase – I know, I know it’s ABOUT TIME! In my defense, I had been eyeing the Apocalips line since their release and have been going back and forth on purchasing one of them ever since. I mean – you can never have enough red lipsticks. Fact. Gorgeous packaging and gorgeous colour! This is definitely another must have not just for Spring, but all year round. The consistency is liquid as of a gloss but pigmented as that of a lipstick (hence, lip lacquer) so you do have to be careful when applying it. The applicator works fine but if you’re slightly clumsy or you tend to be heavy-handed, using a lip brush is the way to go. It does stay on for quite a long time but it might smudge or bleed if you attempt drinking or eating. Therefore I suggest using a lip liner or matte lip colour such as the e.l.f. Matte Lip Colour in Rich Red underneath it for it to sink in and stay on longer without smudging. Other than that, this lip lacquer is one of my favourite lip products of all time.

Big Bang

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick in Sugar Plum (086)

I sense an occuring Rimmel theme here. I’ve decided throw in this pinkish-purple shade into the mix because purple tones are really in this season. For those who are still hesitant to sport these purple hues, this lipstick is the one for you! I wouldn’t consider this shade to be ‘plum’ as it’s more of a shimmery pink (a bit darker than fuchsia) lipstick with purple undertones. If you’re looking for a more purple toned lipstick, I would suggest trying out the Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick in Amethyst Shimmer (084). Just like the other Rimmel products I’ve mentioned, this goes on effortlessly and creamy. More of an evening colour I would say but if you’re able to pull it off during the day – good for you. Unfortunately, opposed to Sleek’s lipsticks, the colour on the bottom of the tube is not true to colour so do swatch the colour (unless you’re buying online). Nonetheless, still a beautiful lipstick and worth a try.

Sugar Plum

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Rosy Nude (065)

Introducing, my all time go to lipstick. Even though the Spring season is known for it’s vibrant colours, nude lipsticks are great for completing the look without drawing all the focus on your lips. This luscious, creamy lipstick just gives you the colour boost your lips need – kind of a “your lips but better” look. Even though it’s pigmented, this colour is perfect for on the go because you can apply it without being too perfect. Perfect for matching with floral outfits or even just a simple white dress – it looks good with almost everything! Love it.

Rosy Nude

To give you a better idea of how the colours show up on application, I took the liberty of swatching each product. I must admit, Rosy Nude looks brown for because it’s swatched on the skin, not the lips. When applied on the lips, the colour pay off is exactly as seen in the tube (like the picture above). Also, excuse the not-so-great lighting but I was using natural light.


That’s all for today – I hope you all enjoyed it 🙂

Which lipsticks are you sporting this Spring? Any lipsticks I should try out? Leave a comment below!!

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Elaine xo

An Improvement

So makeup and beauty have always interested me, but a few months ago, I got really into it. The thing is that beauty doesn’t only require applying nice makeup products to make you look pretty but you kind of have to start with the basics. Skin Care. Hair Care. And that’s where I’m struggling. Regrettably, I’ve never really took care of my skin and/or hair…it’s more of not knowing what’s good and what isn’t, what does what rather than not taking care of myself. Anyway, now that I’m more aware of the products available to me, I find myself lost because I want to try them all at one go and I want to see their results. So frustrating. It’s frustrating because changing your skin/hair regime (in my case, I didn’t really have one to begin with) takes time and money so you can actually start seeing results. Nonetheless, I have done my research and slowly started picking out a couple of items here and there.

May I just point out something – I’m lazy. And forgetful. So those skin routines with about 6 or 7 products that many beauty bloggers share are not for me…I like to keep it quick and simple – not more than 4 items! In the morning I want something quick and easy cos I’ll probably still be half asleep and would have to leave for school in less than an hour.

I’m currently using the Vichy Pureté Thermale as a waterproof eye make-up remover, the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash by The Body Shop or La Roche-Posay’s Effaclar (I switch between the two), The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oilaswell as the Vitamin E Moisture Cream by The Body Shop. I still have a LOOOONNNGG way to go  – I get a lot of breakouts and blemishes mostly at the chin area – so I can’t really try products like exfoliating scrubs because they can actually end up doing the opposite of what they’re suppose to.

But regarding hair – my dry, curly, frizzy, unruly, slightly damaged hair, I’m doing much better. I decided to switch to more organic products rather than using products with all those nasty chemicals in them, and after watching Shannon Sullivan (glamourwonderland) I bought the Acure Moroccan Argan Stem Cell + Argan Oil Shampoo as well as the Conditioner that goes with it. I’m obviously still a work-in-progress, but it’s an improvement – these products really aided my dry and damaged hair. In fact, I’m actually thinking of getting some other products from the brand but unfortunately, I’m bound by money constraints, so for now, they’ll have to wait.

Until next time,

Elaine xo