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So today I’ll be writing about two drugstore palettes that I LOVE. As a full-time Uni student, I am constantly dealing with money constraints which let’s face it, is very frustrating when you have a somewhat expensive hobby. Unfortunately, even though most drugstore brands are relatively cheap, constantly purchasing new stuff may add up to be quite pricey. This is where these palettes come in.

As you may have read in the title of this blog post, these two palettes are by Makeup Academy (MUA). MUA is basically a UK based drugstore brand with good products and very cheap prices. In total I believe they have 16 palettes ranging from £4 – £8. BARGAIN! The two palettes I have are the Ever After Palette and the Heaven and Earth Palette. Considering that they are just £4 a piece, these two are amazing. Pigmented and long-lasting eyeshadows that do not crease.

Ever After Palette

Okay, so the Ever After Palette consists of 10 matte eyeshadows. For day to day, I tend to prefer matte shades over shimmery ones as give more of a subtle look. Then again, with matte shades, you can build them up for a night out without looking too shimmery. The palette has 4 pink based shades, 3 brown ones, a cream-yellow colour and a dark blue shade – a variety of warm and cool tones for you mix and match. As far as consistency goes, all the shades are powder and give that nice velvety soft finish, without being at all chalky.

MUA Ever After Palette.jpg

The palette is easy to use and comes with a two-side applicator. The packaging is your average plastic casing – but you have to keep in mind that you’re only paying £4 for it and ultimately, it’s the quality of the eyeshadows that really count. But the quality of the packaging aside, the casing is actually quite secure so it won’t be a problem when travelling.

On the whole, I love this palette and definitely recommend it, not only because it’s at an amazing price, but because it gives you the ability to create a variety of looks, from subtle and natural to smokey and glam. A must have in your makeup collection!

Ever After Palette Swatches


Heaven and Earth Palette

Something you should know about me – I LOVE neutral-looking eyeshadows. This is actually the first palette I bought from MUA and damn, did they make a good impression. Unlike Ever After, this palette is made up of 12 shimmery shades. They go on beautifully pigmented and surprisingly easy to blend. Once you get a bit of use out of them, you may notice that they’re not as shimmery as they were before – even though there’s a shimmer throughout all the product, I think that are sprayed with that extra shimmer on top. It was something worth mentioning, but not something that really bothers me as I do like shimmery eyeshadows that are not too ‘in your face’. Just like the other palette I mentioned, the shadows give a nice powdery-but-not-chalky finish and stay put from roughly 5-7hours.

MUA Heaven and Earth Palette.jpg

The palette also comes with a two-side applicator and has the same packaging as the Ever After Palette, but then again, it’s just £4 (yes, i know I can’t get over this). The one thing I would say I don’t like from this palette is that the eyeshadows aren’t named or numbered – I know, it might not bother most of you, but I do like knowing the name/number of the eyeshadow I’m using.

I obviously recommend this product, especially if you’re a neutral loving girl like me. It just gives you the perfect natural look!

Heaven and Earth Palette Swatches

I would also like to apologize about the quality of the swatches – I didn’t have very good lighting to work with so the colours didn’t show up too great on camera.

Do you have any of the MUA palettes? Enjoyed this review? Like the post! Share your thoughts and comments below!!

Until next time,

Elaine xo

4 thoughts on “Review: MUA Palettes

  1. Hello!
    These palettes are amazing – they are in everyone’s budget, they are pigmented, and they have a huge variety of palettes to choose from, for brave people and for less confident peeps (like myself) to rock brighter shades on the eyes.

    Great post lady 🙂

    Stay Beautiful,
    Belle xxx


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