Packing Essentials

By the time this post is published, I will be on holiday in Birmingham. So I thought it was only fit to share with you my go-to packing essentials.

Wet Wipes

Mostly for long haul flights, I find that wet wipes come in handy when travelling. From removing your makeup (if wearing any), to refreshing your face, or simply for hygiene’s sake, having a packet of wet wipes in your travelling bag won’t hurt anyone.




Hand Sanitizer

Just in case you didn’t realize that I like to be clean, hand sanitizer is an absolute must for me. Keeping in mind that thousands of people use airports and planes everyday, and luggage passes through God know what, and I’m bound to touch my face at least once every half hour, the amount of bacteria freaks me out (sorry for the ramble).




If you don’t have any (or minimal) makeup on, you can always hydrate your face with a good moisturiser. Even though this is something I won’t normally do, I added this in especially for those with drier or sensitive skin. The air-condition on the plane really dries out all of the moisture on your face, so it’s good to re-hydrate your skin every now and again. If you’ve got makeup on, I suggest you opt for a face mist so as not to ruin your makeup.



If you’re like me and don’t like to apply a full face of makeup when travelling – but at the same time not looking like you just woke up from hibernation – these next few makeup items will do just the trick.

CC Cream

When I’m on holiday (and because it’s Summer), I like to go for a light base so I opt for something like CC Cream or tinted moisturiser rather than foundation. Apart from feeling light on the skin, you can use your fingers to apply CC Cream for a natural flawfless finish. Bonus.





Need I explain? A definite must-have to cover those dark circles and blemishes.





Even though a lot of people go for that dewy finish in the Summer, I prefer a matte finish all year round. Plus, it keeps my makeup in place (and from melting off).




Tinted Lip Balm

The great thing about tinted lip balms is that they’re going to keep your lips moisturised AND give that pop of colour. Perfect. If you prefer a heavier moisturiser or just don’t want any colour, I’d go with a lip butter or lip cream.




Ok, I must admit – I’m not one to apply makeup during a flight – I prefer having my face ready pre-flight and then just roll with it. Then again, it depends on the duration as well as the time of the flight. For those of you who like to touch up their face, having a blusher on hand will really liven up your complexion.




Skip the full face of makeup and go for a simple natural look. I switch out my eyeshadows for more and more mascara. It really brings the look together and makes your eyes pop!



Makeup Bag

Ok, I know – this is pretty self-explanatory…it’s not like you’re going to carry your makeup in your hands or pockets. Nonetheless, I wanted to show you the makeup bag I use. I suggest you invest in a good medium sized makeup bag that roughly fits your go-to makeup – I got this Cath Kidston one off


And those are my packing essentials!

What products do you take with you on holiday? Enjoyed this post? Like it! Share your thoughts and comments below 🙂

Until next time,

Elaine xo




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