Christmas Present Ideas

You know the year has flew by you, when Christmas is in exactly a MONTH! I know, I still cannot believe it myself! During Christmas time –  and the month of December in general – we tend to abuse of our bank accounts where budgets are pushed aside so as to find your loved ones that special gift.


As much I love getting gifts for my friends and family, I find it sooo difficult to get them something within my budget that they would like. It so happens that I tend to surround myself with people who either enjoy really expensive items, or else just prefer sharing moments, rather than presents. Needless to say, I’m truly blessed for having such people around me (cheesy, I know).

Therefore, I decided to share some Christmas presents ideas you can get for someone who is into beauty and makeup, without breaking bank!

Zoella Beauty Guinea Pig Beauty Bag – €10.40

This makeup bag would be perfect for those who are looking for a gift on a budget. It also a cute present for just about anyone who is a makeup user! This makeup bag is quite spacious so even if you have a habit of over-packing (guilty!), your makeup items would still fit. It goes without saying that this is a versatile gift – you don’t have to use it ONLY for makeup or beauty products – you can always switch out your makeup items for toileteries when going on vacation 😉

zoella beauty bag

Kneipp Herbal Bath Collection – €12.94

If your loved one enjoys a good relaxing bath, or just needs to de-stress, then the Kneipp Herbal Bath Collection would be great! In this collection you get 6 travel-size bottles full of herbal bath goodness, ranging from the Eucalyptus Cold & Sinus Relief Herbal Bath to the Lavender Balancing Herbal Bath.



Dr. Organic Gift Box – €19.21 – €22.50

These gift boxes are perfect for those who love skincare! As mentioned last week, Dr Organic’s products are 100% natural and organic, meaning they contain no harsh chemicals and are very beneficial for the skin. There are a couple of gift boxes, obviously at different prices, ranging from €19.21 – €22.50. Dr Organic products in Malta can be found at selected pharmacies (there’s a map on the website!)


theBalm Autobalm California Palette – €20.15

Isn’t this palette from theBalm just gorgeous? Personally, I think any makeup lover would be thrilled to have that in their Christmas stocking. The shades are very neutral so you won’t have to worry too much about the colours not suiting the person’s skin tone. Also great for travelling, each shade doubles up as something else – so you essentially have 8 shades, not 4!


Real Techniques Core Collection Kit – €27.29

Makeup brushes – they’re a necessity every makeup user needs. These Real Techniques brushes are so worth the hype! Not only are the fantastically priced, but they very durable too! The bristles do not shed and makeup applies beautifully and effortlessly with these brushes. Pity I don’t have this set myself…(is my hinting too obvious?!)



Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette – €48.10

I am aware that this doesn’t really fall under the term “without breaking bank”, but just listen to me. Firstly, this palette is something that any makeup lover will love, appreciate and use for a long time (so are the others, but anyway). Secondly, makeup palettes in general are so versatile, and with this neutral palette, you can’t really go wrong. Additionally, you can also team up with someone else and give this gift as a duo – splitting cost, right there! The only sad part about this is that I don’t own one yet…all you have to do is press the title’s link..nah, I’m just kidding, kinda.



And those are my 6 picks to help and inspire you on your gift hunt, this festive season 🙂

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Event: Dr Organic Malta Launch

Last Wednesday, I was invited to the launch of Dr Organic‘s first blogger event here in Malta. The event took place at the beautiful Villa Bologna in Attard, and together with a little chit-chat with my fellow bloggers, here is what went down!

Dr.Organic Catalogue

Dr Organic, is a multi-award winning brand offering a vast range of bioactive skincare. By the term ‘bioactive’, they pledge to utilise the finest natural and organic raw materials wherever possible. All of their products are made up of organic and bioactive ingredients, with no harsh chemicals such as parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), perfumes or artificial fragrances. Moreover, these products contain no mineral oils such as paraffin and petroleum, aswell as no genetically modified (GM) and animal ingredients (with the exception of honey, beeswax, propolis and royal jelly). Lastly, Dr Organic products do not undergo animal testing and claim to only use necessary preservatives to guarantee the products’ safety and shell life.

What a mouthful huh?! Wait till you see the lines they offer!

In the catalogue they presented us with, they’ve listed down EVERY product the brand currently has. To date, Dr Organic has 13 different lines ranging from Aloe Vera and Tea Tree, to Royal Jelly and Dead Sea Minerals.


In addition to that, each line has an impressive array of products covering skincare, haircare and also oral hygiene. You name it, they’ve got it!


For the event, a generous number of products where neatly displayed for us to lust over.




After kicking off the event with drinks and yummy nibbles, our hostess, Teri, delivered a presentation where she briefly went through all the different ranges Dr Organic offers, together with the products’ benefits. We also got to sample some of the products during the presentation itself!




Not only were we lucky enough to attend and view this products first hand, but Dr Organic was kind enough to let us go home with 3 products of OUR CHOICE! Do you have any idea how difficult that is when you want EVERYTHING they have?!


I finally went with these three gorgeous items:

Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Treatment Serum – €16.87


Organic Dead Sea Mineral Bio-Plasma Mud Mask – €10.04


Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Hydrating Radiance Elixir – €14.41


For starters, how pretty and fresh is the packaging? I could just look that, and it makes me happy, let alone what’s inside! The products will be stocked in pharmacies around Malta and considering they’re 100% natural, they’re quite reasonable in price. Needless to say, I will most probably definitely purchasing more products to add to my Dr Organic collection 🙂

P.S. They also have gift (hint, hint) packages aswell 😉



Lastly, I can’t go without mentioning the beautiful bloggers that were also invited to the event 🙂


From L-R: Lara, Elle, Marija, Charlene, Lorraine, Me, Steph, Maya, Teri (our hostess) and Davi 😀

Dr Organic reviews will be up as soon as I get to try them (and love them) 😉

Lastly, a shoutout to Mark Cassar who was the photographer during the event. Thankyou for letting us use some of your photos!

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Feelunique Haul

I’ve JUST noticed how long it’s been since I’ve posted a haul here. As much as I hate to say it, I’m quite proud of that as it means that I kind of managed to control my constant beauty spending. Then again, you’ve got to buy a couple of things now and then, right?

Feelunique Haul

I must admit, this is quite a short haul with only 3 items, 2 of which I dearly needed. So last month, I turned 20 and as a little gift, gave me £5 (€6.50) off my total bill. I obviously couldn’t refuse!!

L’Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Intense Repair Masque 500ml – €31.20

This baby, I desperately needed. I had mentioned this product in my empties a couple of weeks ago, and have been craving it ever since. I have really dry and unruly hair due to my curls that if not taken care of, will form a natural dreadlock (I wish I’m being sarcastic here..but I’m not). I use this mainly as a deep conditioner/mask – not that my hair needs “intense repair”, but this mask seems to untangle most of my hair making it easier to work with. During the time I spent without this, I did just use my regular conditioner (which works fine on it’s own) or something like the Pro-Keratin Refill Masque, also by L’Oreal.

Feelunique Haul - Hair Mask

Yes To Carrots Nourishing Fragrance Free Gentle Cleansing Wipes x25 – €5.19

Again, this is a necessity purchase simply because the cleansing wipes I previously had, finished. I’m pretty sure there are cheaper cleansing wipes, I know, but I really like Yes To as a brand and also, Ingrid from missglamorazzi helped design the packaging for these, I believe.

Feelunique Haul - Face Wipes

Tanya Burr Individual False Lashes – €7.14

Firstly, (I know she won’t be reading this) I would like to congratulate Tanya on her lashes launch 😀 I had been eyeing her lipgloss and nail polish range since its release but could never get myself to buy them – the nail polishes do not ship to Malta and additionally, I’m not really a lipgloss kind of girl. That being said, I AM NOT a lashes kind of girl either, as I have never successfully worn them. I find applying a band of lashes quite intimidating, so once I saw that Tanya Burr release individuals, I had to try them out! Baby steps, right?!

Feelunique haul - false lashes

When spending a certain amount, always has samples to give out. Even though there was a sample that I preferred over another, I couldn’t get it due to shipping restrictions so I ended up getting these:

I probably won’t use the eye cream as much, but I will definitely let you know how I get along with the others!

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October Favourites 2014

October has too gone by yet it barely feels like Autumn here in Malta. Unfortunately, we are still going through humid, hot and sunny days, with an occasional windy afternoon here and there. As much as some people are still soaking up all the sun they can get, here I am yearning for that proper cold day where I can get some use out of my cosy jumpers and coat.

But back to beauty, here is what I have been loving this month!

Sports Direct Sports Bras

Ok, this can be a bit of TMI for some people, but whatevs. I have been trying to get into exercising by going to kickboxing classes with two of my friends. Now, may I just point out that I am NOT training professionally, it’s just for exercise’s sake. Needless to say, I am a girl and therefore I need sport bras to support my lady parts boobs. I had gotten these from the Sports Direct outlet when in Birmingham and I do not regret it one bit! These bras are the – literally, nothing falls out! Also, they were such a bargain – I think they were originally around £22 each and I got them £9 a piece! Their actual brand (Sports Direct doesn’t only carry their own brand) is USA Pro. Definitely recommend!



Vichy Capital Soleil Face Cream SPF 50+

Firstly, may I just say – I HATE sunscreen. I do not like the smell of it, the feel of it on my skin, the way it looks, nada. But, I kind of love this Vichy one. Since I have been taking my acne medication, my skin has become more sensitive to the sun, so I had to give in to sunscreen application whether I liked it or not. What I really like about this sunscreen is that firstly, it dries matte. This way, makeup application on top of your suncreen will be easier, and won’t just slip off your face. Secondly, it sinks in within seconds. Most sunscreens I have used, take ages to sink in your skin and leave that white film on your skin – this one doesn’t! Once you apply it, it literally disappears into the skin and does NOT change your skin tone. This is such a major concern with other sunscreens for most people as makeup would end up looking a shade or two lighter than it actually is (especially if being photographed). Other than that, it has the same features like most sunscreens – moisturising, paraben free, prevents harmful UV rays, and so on.



Caudalie Divine Oil

I got this baby as part of the September Beauty Box by lookfantastic and boy, do I love it! For the last few months I have been open to including oils and serums into my skincare routine. At first, I was a bit skeptic of the whole thing but once I had started using the Camomile Cleansing Oil by The Body Shop, I was totally converted. Now, it is actually working out great for me, as my skin transitioned from oily to dry due to the medication. And this product is heaven! It does have a floral scent that you can smell for quite a while but personally, that doesn’t bother me. It sinks into the skin and makes your skin feel plump and nourished. I actually prefer it over my moisturiser. That being said, I don’t use it in the morning before applying my makeup because it does take some time to sink into the skin. Other than that, I love it and definitely will be re-purchasing it!


Zara Perfume Nuit

I don’t really own a lot of perfume bottles, because I’ve only recently started wearing perfume on a daily basis (allergies). I stumbled on this perfume when in Zara with my bestie, Liza and I literally could not stop smelling it. I had been looking for a day-to-night perfume that is slightly more mature, less fruity, and this is spot on. Even though it has a more mature scent, it still has that young fragrance to it (sorry, I’m terrible at describing scents!). I know it may sound weird, but the more I wear it, the more I like it.


Accessorize Black Studded Bag

This by far was my best bargain ever. I believe this originally costed around €70, yet I only paid about €3.20 for it! After waiting for it to be 50% off during the sale, I used a €30 voucher I got for lending someone my Bio notes to buy it and bam! – reduced to roughly €3.20! Okay, story time apart, I particularly love this bag because I can put so much stuff in it. Even though I personally found that its best use is for school, you can really dress-up or dress-down this bag for all times of day. I think I have legitimately used this bag every single day this past month! The bag also comes with a zipper pouch that you can clip on or off depending on your preferences. I think that’s really convenient because if you don’t want that extra compartment in your bag, you can just remove it, and vice-versa. Unfortunately, I think this bag is out of stock because I have had it for over a year, but I’m pretty sure Accessorize have similar ones.


And that’s all for today!

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