Review: Yves Rocher Shower Gel and Silky Lotion

A few weeks back, someone had given me a birthday present which I absent-mindedly put aside. It was only recently that I had stumbled on these products and actually got to try them out! So after using them for a while, I decided that it’s only fair to give them a bit of attention 🙂

The two products are the Yellow Peach Shower Gel and Silky Lotion by the French brand, Yves Rocher. I had heard of the brand before, but I think that only recently has it made a big splash in the Maltese market. These two products came as a duo but you can definitely purchase them separately at around £5 each.

Let’s just take a minute and talk about the scent of these bath products – damn do they smell nice! Personally, I’m not a big fan of fruity scents, so I was quite surprised that I actually enjoy this one.

What I really like about the shower gel, is that it’s not too overpowering, but just gives a light, fresh scent – basically, people wouldn’t be able to smell peach as soon as you walk past them, which I personally prefer. Another great thing about the scent is that it’s not specifically a summer scent, being that it’s fresh. I find that it blends in well with the any season making it a perfect gift, no matter the occasion! The shower gel lathers up A LOT so if you’re a loofah-user like me, a little bit goes a very long way! Seriously, this shower gel will last you for ages! Talk about value for money!


With regards to the scent, I would say that the body lotion is quite similar – light and not over-powering. In addition to that, the lotion sinks into the skin amazingly fast! This is probably the one thing that really impressed me, because the lotion is quite ‘liquidy’, that it almost resembles body milk lotion. Regardless the consistency, it sinks in as soon as you work it into the skin, which is great because you won’t end up being sticky or slippery and having to wait for it to dry! I literally just slap some of this lotion on, continue with my ‘getting-ready’ routine, and in a matter of a minute or so, I would have ‘silky’ skin. That quick.


These were the first two products I had actually tried from the brand – and what a great way to start! Needless to say, I will definitely be trying out some more products from Yves Rocher, once I find the time to pop by their shops, that is! Apart from that, these two products are a big thumbs up, and I would definitely recommend!

And that’s all for today!

Have you tried any products from Yves Rocher? If you enjoyed reading this review, like it! Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments below 🙂

Until next time,

Elaine xo

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