Feeling Festive: Valentine’s Day Nails

So as you probably know, Valentine’s in right around the corner. Therefore, I thought it was only fit to joosh up my nails for the festivity. As you know, I am no pro at nail art – so bare with me. Also, the idea behind this nail art was taken from cutepolish‘s designs. If you have never heard of her, go check her out as she does amazing nail art tutorials on YouTube.

So I started off with the usual base-coat to protect my natural nail.


I decided to use red and pink shades for this design, but you can use any colours you wish. As my base colour, I went with an opaque coat of white nail polish. The idea I was going for was basically an ombre heart design. The gold glitter nail polish is optional as a finishing touch.




To create the heart, simply dip a dotting tool or toothpick into the nail polish and run a small diagonal line on your nail. Then, connect that line by mirroring it to form a heart shape.


Continue to do this all along the nail, using a lighter nail polish as you go down the nail, to create the ombre effect (they do not need to be perfect, don’t worry).


You can paint the rest of your nails any colour you wish, or can even create this design on all of your nails. I decided to go for a red as I prefer it to pink. If you want that extra glam, you can also go over your red nail polish with a red-toned glitter to give you that extra pop!


And this is the final look (without the glitter)!


What are you doing this Valentine’s? If you enjoyed this tutorial, like it! Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below 🙂

Until next time,

Elaine xo


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