February Favourites 2015

Another month, another favourites post! Time is really flying by, so much so that we’ll soon be back to Easter. These past few months, I have really busy, juggling Uni and work and a lot of other things, leaving only a short time to enjoy any beauty products. Yet, I managed to find a couple which I naturally gravitated to this past month, so I think they’re worth a mention.


Sleek Makeup Blusher in Coral

I’ve had this blusher for a quite a long time now so it is more of a rediscovered product. I like to switch between blushers, from pinks to more orange tones and I just fell in love with this one all over again. And it also reminded me that I need to buy more Sleek products! These blushers are pigmented so a little goes a very long way. One thing I really like about Sleek products is that even though they are pigmented, they are buildable and very easy to blend for a gorgeous soft look. Love it!


Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence

I only had this for a month (Lookfantastic Beauty Box) but I’m getting quite fond of the product. Let me just start by saying the smell of this is delicious. It is fresh and fruity, but not too fruity! I spray this on my damp hair (especially the ends) just after washing it but before combing it through with my Tangle Teezer. Over time, I do think my hair is not as tangled as it used to be (together with other products), so I do think this product does its job.


Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Macaroon (96)

Again, had this for about a year or so but I keep coming back to it. I think it is something to do with the colour and the consistency that just appeals to me. As you may know, I absolutely love rose colours as I think they compliment my skin tone. Pair that with the softest, buttery (duh.) lip product and voila! – You’ve got yourself this pigmented baby! Additionally, it is really a lip butter for all occasions and styles. Definitely a “your lips but better” kind of product.


L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Le Khol Liner in Pure Espresso

Saving the best for last. This is surely my favourite out of these favourites. Firstly, the colour is gorgeous. The colour can be intensified to your liking, helping you achieve natural to smoky effortless looks in minutes. Since it is a khol liner, it is meant to be a soft product. Basically, it is a smudgy product as it takes longer to set. What I like to do is run some liner on the top of my eyelid (no need to be neat), and then just take my ring finger, and lighlty run it over the liner (DON’T poke your eye out, please!) This will give you a smudged, smoky, grungy look without trying too hard. There are other ways to play around with this product, but this is definitely my fave! I also tight-line with this liner for extra intensity and holds quite well.


And those are all of the products I have been loving this past month!

What were you February favourites? If you enjoyed the post, like it! Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below 🙂

Until next time,

Elaine xo

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