Event: Make Up Store Malta Makeup Weekend

Hey guys!

As you may know, I’ve been absent this past month due to my exams. To be quite honest, I’ve also been uninspired. I haven’t been buying new stuff because I’m really trying to stay within my budget and first make use of the products I really have. So please bare with me till I get back on track 🙂

Make Up Store Malta hosted a Makeup Weekend with offers throughout their ranges. For those of you who have never come across the brand, Make Up Store is a Swedish brand, with stores located in roughly 20 countries worldwide. With their ongoing offers all through the weekend, what better way to bounce back from my hiatus than to check it out?!


Located at Tigné Point, Level -2, I would say the store was quite busy. Luckily, it happened that I was having quite a hectic afternoon myself, so I decided to go in for a quick look around, and then would check out the products closely on another day.

Once you enter the store, the variety of colour simply slaps you in the face! I think that is what I really loved about their products! Everything looks sleek, yet vibrant and makes you feel like you’re in a Make Up Wonderland. To my surprise, they’ve got a number of ranges; microshadows and marble eyeshadow to powder foundation and skincare!


Another thing I liked (and will definitely be going back for) are their foundations – and more importantly, the foundations SHADES. So many drugstore brands only carry pinky foundations, leaving all yellow undertone people like me, unmatched. Thankfully, Make Up Store seem to have a decent range and shades that cater to a larger area of people.

Did I mention colour? If you’re a nail polish lover, you might want to check this brand out! And don’t get me started on eyeliners and lipsticks – almost every shade you may want, they’ve got. It’s truly amazing!




I noticed that they’ve got brush kits as well as palette kits which in my opinion, would be a lovely gift for someone who appreciates makeup.


For the event, they were giving out goodies bags when spending a certain amount. They were nice enough to give me one two goodies for going down to the store.

I ended up getting this beautiful matt blue pigment that makes you feel like a mermaid of some sorts – the colour is just breathtaking and so pigmented! Perfect for Summer!


I will definitely be going there again soon, because, I mean – look at colours!! Lastly, I would also like to mention the kind and helpful staff at the Tigné store (shoutout to Carl!) who greeted the customers that came through their doors with a warm welcome 🙂

Until next time,

Elaine xo


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