Review: Colour Elixir Lipstick

By now you most probably know my love for lipsticks. That’s why, in the past week I have reviewed Max Factor‘s Colour Elixir Lipstick! The line consists of  about 15 shades, however, I tried the colour Chilli (853).

As far as packaging goes, Max Factor never fails to disappoint! The packaging of the entire Colour Elixir line is glamorous with gold tones and shades. A small detail that I love about the packaging is that the actual lipstick colour can be seen at the bottom of the tube, which makes life easier when scouting for a particular lipstick (let’s admit, we’ve all been there!).

 The product is enhanced with Vitamin E, keeping your lips luscious and soft. This also adds with a smoother application as it glides on easier than regular lipsticks, which it did.Since the formula is so soft and moisturising, there is really no need to layer any lip balms/aids underneath, which is also means that it’s easier to wear in the colder months. Moreover, I found that even though it’s red (a soft red, to be exact), it’s still a “no fuss” lipstick – so it’s great for a quick fix.
The colour is obviously a creamy red, but with a slight metallic finish. I would consider myself a “numerous coats” type of person, as I want my lipstick to be opaque. That being said, this lipstick has good pigmentation and lasts for quite a while – I would give it a two rich coats. That being said, you would need to touch up if you intend on eating or drinking.
Needless to say, I will definitely be getting my hands on other lipsticks from the line – possibly a me-to-me Christmas gift? Hmm..we’ll see 😉
Have you tried any lipsticks from the Max Factor Colour Elixir line? Feel free to share your thoughts and comments down below 🙂
Until next time,
Elaine xo

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blabberbeauty is participating in a University of Malta project regarding Social Media Strategies. The team leading project ‘MaxBeauty‘ is collaborating exclusively with drugstore brand, Max Factor, to assess Social Media efforts. This will be done through blabberbeauty, therefore, this section of the website will be dedicated solely to this project.  Stay tuned for brand reviews, tutorials and competitions!


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