Event: Make Up Store Malta Makeup Weekend

Hey guys!

As you may know, I’ve been absent this past month due to my exams. To be quite honest, I’ve also been uninspired. I haven’t been buying new stuff because I’m really trying to stay within my budget and first make use of the products I really have. So please bare with me till I get back on track 🙂

Make Up Store Malta hosted a Makeup Weekend with offers throughout their ranges. For those of you who have never come across the brand, Make Up Store is a Swedish brand, with stores located in roughly 20 countries worldwide. With their ongoing offers all through the weekend, what better way to bounce back from my hiatus than to check it out?!


Located at Tigné Point, Level -2, I would say the store was quite busy. Luckily, it happened that I was having quite a hectic afternoon myself, so I decided to go in for a quick look around, and then would check out the products closely on another day.

Once you enter the store, the variety of colour simply slaps you in the face! I think that is what I really loved about their products! Everything looks sleek, yet vibrant and makes you feel like you’re in a Make Up Wonderland. To my surprise, they’ve got a number of ranges; microshadows and marble eyeshadow to powder foundation and skincare!


Another thing I liked (and will definitely be going back for) are their foundations – and more importantly, the foundations SHADES. So many drugstore brands only carry pinky foundations, leaving all yellow undertone people like me, unmatched. Thankfully, Make Up Store seem to have a decent range and shades that cater to a larger area of people.

Did I mention colour? If you’re a nail polish lover, you might want to check this brand out! And don’t get me started on eyeliners and lipsticks – almost every shade you may want, they’ve got. It’s truly amazing!




I noticed that they’ve got brush kits as well as palette kits which in my opinion, would be a lovely gift for someone who appreciates makeup.


For the event, they were giving out goodies bags when spending a certain amount. They were nice enough to give me one two goodies for going down to the store.

I ended up getting this beautiful matt blue pigment that makes you feel like a mermaid of some sorts – the colour is just breathtaking and so pigmented! Perfect for Summer!


I will definitely be going there again soon, because, I mean – look at colours!! Lastly, I would also like to mention the kind and helpful staff at the Tigné store (shoutout to Carl!) who greeted the customers that came through their doors with a warm welcome 🙂

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Event: The Body Shop Malta

Last Friday, I got the opportunity to go to ANOTHER Body Shop event – I know, I’m overdoing it – but I love the brand too much to miss out!

This event revolved around the launch of their newest ranges – the Fuji Green Tea and the Virgin Mojito. I sooo wish you can smell the products through the photos because the only downside to these products is that they aren’t edible. They smell divine!

We were welcomed with a choice of warm green tea or a cooling virgin mojito. It’s only April, but unsurprisingly already hot in Malta, so I went for the mojito. While sipping my refreshing beverage, my favourite local beauty bloggers and myself were learning a bit more about the ranges and the brand itself.

The Body Shop, has always been a pioneer in the beauty scene, with regards to being one of the first brands not to test their products on animals. Needless to say, they aim to still be on the forefront of the industry, shifting their focus on being more environmentally friendly and reducing their carbon footprint.


On to the ranges – the Fuji Green Tea range is perfect for detoxifying, cleansing and simply unwinding. Traveling all the way from Japan, the Fuji Green Tea range contains antioxidants that help with exfoliation so as to maintain that healthy-feeling skin we all want. If you are not really keen on strong smells or fragrances, I do suggest trying this out. The products from the range do not have a strong scent – just enough for you to relax, but not enough for it to bother you. I what I really liked about this range, is the innovative aspect of it all. Apart from the normal products such as the body butter and sorbet, this range extends to a cologne, an exfoliating soap and, WAIT FOR IT – actual bath tea and an infuser to go with it! Am I the only one who finds this cool?!

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Tea Leaves

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Range

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Soap


And when you think things can’t get much better, you stumble on the Virgin Mojito range. I must admit – I prefer the Virgin Mojito range over the Fuji Green Tea one, but solely because the Virgin Mojito smells like Summer. Literally. It is so refreshing and fragrant that you’ll just want to cover yourself in it and basically become a mint leaf. The range has its basic products like the shower gel and the body scrub that obviously smell amazing. However, the line has probably one of the best things ever – the newly released, Body Splash! If I had to describe it, it would definitely be the lovechild of a perfume and an eau de toilette…maybe slightly less strong that an eau de parfum, though. It is travel friendly and great 24/7 during Summer, or if you’re like me, just as an excuse to refresh. Love Love Love!

The Body Shop Virgin Mojito Range

If you’ve read about any of the other occasions The Body Shop had us over, you will know how generous they are 🙂 For those who are reading about these events for the first time, shame on you! The Body Shop never leave us empty handed! Here is what I found in my goodie bag;

The Body Shop Gifts

So sweet of them to sneak in small body butters from the new ranges!

Needless to say, I can never go into their store, and leave empty-handed (I am aware, that we were given the goodie bag, so technically I wouldn’t have left empty-handed). I tried to limit myself to two products, so I decided to get these two beauties;

The Body Shop Items Purchased


As I said, I really liked the Body Splash. I wouldn’t be lying if I said that I’ll probably be picking up more products from these ranges! Absolutely love them!

If you want to see more of what went down at the event, go ahead and click through The Body Shop’s event photos 🙂

Will you be picking up any of these products? If you enjoyed this post, like it! Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below 🙂

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Event: Femme Beauty Re-launch Party

As you might have noticed, as of late, I have been super busy, so much so that I barely have any time for blogging. However, I couldn’t miss out on last week’s event for the re-launch party of local shop, Femme Beauty.

Femme Beauty

As soon as we were greeted, the beautiful hosts, Luisa Musumeci and Christina Martinez offered us a glass of champagne until we settled in and had a look around. Apart from the lovely ambience, it was great to see fellow bloggers and catch up!

femme beauty 2

L-R: Luisa Musumeci who handles the beauty section, and Christina Martinez who handles the nail care section of the salon.

femme beauty 1

L-R: Macs (Steph’s friend), Caroline, Steph, Marija, Christina, Me, Caroline, Maya, Fiona and Luisa

femme beauty 3

femme beauty 5

I was definitely lured me in by the My Melts stand, offering deliciously-smelling soya based oils and scents in wax form. Their main use is to be burnt over oil burners and basically fill your room or house with the yummy fragrance. They have got a wide selection of scents, but I ended up going for Sandalwood and Cinnamon Crunch. I also went ahead and got a new oil burner as it seems my mother misplaced the one we had (and won’t admit it!).


There were two other stands; a makeup stand containing all Makeup Studio products, and the other a little display of the newly released Cinderella collection gelish polishes.




And here’s that mandatory, hard-to-resist group selfie 😉


L-R: Charlene, Me, Maya and Lyndsey.

Last but not least, the lovely team sent us home with a little thank you gift bag.

Makeup Gift Bag

And that’s it 🙂

Go check them out! I know I will!

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Event: Dr Organic Malta Launch

Last Wednesday, I was invited to the launch of Dr Organic‘s first blogger event here in Malta. The event took place at the beautiful Villa Bologna in Attard, and together with a little chit-chat with my fellow bloggers, here is what went down!

Dr.Organic Catalogue

Dr Organic, is a multi-award winning brand offering a vast range of bioactive skincare. By the term ‘bioactive’, they pledge to utilise the finest natural and organic raw materials wherever possible. All of their products are made up of organic and bioactive ingredients, with no harsh chemicals such as parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), perfumes or artificial fragrances. Moreover, these products contain no mineral oils such as paraffin and petroleum, aswell as no genetically modified (GM) and animal ingredients (with the exception of honey, beeswax, propolis and royal jelly). Lastly, Dr Organic products do not undergo animal testing and claim to only use necessary preservatives to guarantee the products’ safety and shell life.

What a mouthful huh?! Wait till you see the lines they offer!

In the catalogue they presented us with, they’ve listed down EVERY product the brand currently has. To date, Dr Organic has 13 different lines ranging from Aloe Vera and Tea Tree, to Royal Jelly and Dead Sea Minerals.


In addition to that, each line has an impressive array of products covering skincare, haircare and also oral hygiene. You name it, they’ve got it!


For the event, a generous number of products where neatly displayed for us to lust over.




After kicking off the event with drinks and yummy nibbles, our hostess, Teri, delivered a presentation where she briefly went through all the different ranges Dr Organic offers, together with the products’ benefits. We also got to sample some of the products during the presentation itself!




Not only were we lucky enough to attend and view this products first hand, but Dr Organic was kind enough to let us go home with 3 products of OUR CHOICE! Do you have any idea how difficult that is when you want EVERYTHING they have?!


I finally went with these three gorgeous items:

Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Treatment Serum – €16.87


Organic Dead Sea Mineral Bio-Plasma Mud Mask – €10.04


Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Hydrating Radiance Elixir – €14.41


For starters, how pretty and fresh is the packaging? I could just look that, and it makes me happy, let alone what’s inside! The products will be stocked in pharmacies around Malta and considering they’re 100% natural, they’re quite reasonable in price. Needless to say, I will most probably definitely purchasing more products to add to my Dr Organic collection 🙂

P.S. They also have gift (hint, hint) packages aswell 😉



Lastly, I can’t go without mentioning the beautiful bloggers that were also invited to the event 🙂


From L-R: Lara, Elle, Marija, Charlene, Lorraine, Me, Steph, Maya, Teri (our hostess) and Davi 😀

Dr Organic reviews will be up as soon as I get to try them (and love them) 😉

Lastly, a shoutout to Mark Cassar who was the photographer during the event. Thankyou for letting us use some of your photos!

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Event: IT Style 1st Year Anniversary

Last Saturday, IT Style Malta celebrated their first year anniversary and were kind enough to invite me! IT Style, is an Italian brand of make-up and accessories available here in Malta.

IT Style Logo

I was so excited to go to the event (mainly because I can buy more makeup!) but I must admit, I went in a bit rushed as I was quite tight with time so I couldn’t check out the products as much as I wanted to. Hopefully, next time I’m in Sliema (which will probably take a while as I’m so busy!), I’ll pop by the store again and purchase some items – the lipsticks and eyeliners did catch my eye…

They had offers going on all day through Friday and Saturday such as a 20% off discount on ALL items and a goodie bag with every purchase over €25. Apart from that, they had certain products that were on sale (pretty good deal, in my opinion!). Even though I didn’t have much time to look around, IT Style Malta were kind enough to set me off with a generous goodie bag.


These are the products I found inside!


  • Rossetto (Lipstick) 24h Luxury Kiss
  • Smalto (Nail Polish) in Deep Purple (93)
  • Waterproof Gel Eyeliner in Black
  • Ombretto Cotto Sombra (Baked Eyeshadow) in Beige (22)
  • Fard Compatto (Compact Blush) in Sun (10)


So far, I’ve tried the lipstick and blush – I really like them! I’m sorry, but I could not find the lipstick shade anywhere – they don’t have it listed on their website :/ It’s a pity, because it is a gorgeous vampy red and lasts for ages! I wouldn’t say 24h, but it did last me quite a while.


The blusher is also very nice. It is a matte muted pinky-coral and suits most skin tones. Just to warn you, it is very pigmented so don’t be heavy-handed with this product – I actually prefer them to be very pigmented with little application rather than sheer where you have to spend a lot of time applying product. I will have to test out the other products but I’ve read that the baked eyeshadow can be used wet or dry and the eyeliner claims to be waterproof. I will try them out and report back 🙂

Thankyou, IT Style for these goodies – you will surely see me around! 😉

And go check out the IT Style outlet at The Point, Level -2, Tigné !!

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Event: The Body Shop Malta

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you MUST have realized by now, how much I love The Body Shop. I must admit, I do fall for the products they put on the shelves and so far, I have loved almost every single product I have ever owned.

So last Tuesday, I got the opportunity to attend a bloggers’ event by The Body Shop (Malta)!! I had been contacted a few weeks back and was also asked to invite 6 other people to tag along. My good friends Liza and Fran were obviously two of the six, and the other four were these beautiful ladies:

Maya from Blue Jeans and Red Lipstick
Lyndsey from Splashes of Looks
Charlene from A Cosmetic Affair
Lorraine from Lola Loves Sparkles

The event took place at their Sliema outlet where we listened to a short presentation about the brand and their new products, mainly their Wild Argan Oil range. The presentation then transitioned into a makeup demo using The Body Shop products, and a mini pamper manicure session that we all could get.


The most talked-about range during the event was of course their Wild Argan Oil range. This range is part of The Body Shop’s Community Fair Trade campaign and get Wild Argan Oil fr0m Morocco. The Body Shop currently have 25 Community Trade suppliers around the world and intend on featuring more.

The Wild Argan Oil Range consists of 9 products:

  • Wild Argan Oil Body Butter
  • Wild Argan Oil Radiant Oil
  • Wild Argan Oil Body Scrub
  • Wild Argan Oil Shower Gel
  • Wild Argan Oil Bubbling Bath
  • Wild Argan Oil Body Lotion
  • Wild Argan Oil Solid Oil Lip Balm
  • Wild Argan Oil Miracle Solid Oil
  • Wild Argan Oil Massage Soap

The range also comes with an ‘Argan Lily Blue’ Loofah, but doesn’t contain any Wild Argan Oil properties.


During the makeup demo, their also was a short mention of the All in One Instablur Eye Primer. This product has been released for quite a few months but has been a hit since it first launched. This primer can be used all over the face like any other primer, with it’s main focus being for the eye area.

One of their latest releases, are the Colour Crush nail polish range. The 26 nail polish range is 100% vegan and is 5-free. The formula for these nail polishes is made without Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Toluene or Camphor. Moreover, the formula is made with Community Trade Marula Oil.

The rest of the night consisted of a lovely chat with the ladies and the staff. The Body Shop were very generous by offering a free renewal of their Love Your Body Loyalty Card (which I had just renewed two weeks before :/ ) and on top of that, and additional 15% on all of their products! They also didn’t let us leave empty handed and gave us a very generous goodie bag to go along with our personal purchases.

I had happened to visit the shop two weeks prior to the event, so I didn’t purchase much. With that being said, I can’t help myself.


I ended up getting the White Musk Smoky Rose Eau De Parfum and the Wild Argan Oil Massage Soap. May I first just point out that their entire White Musk range is divine – but, I can’t have it all (for now) and so decided to opt for this one. The Smoky Rose perfume has a (obviously) floral-musk scent which I find to be slightly mature and strong, yet not overpowering. It also has notes of tobacco flower which I personally find intriguing.

The Massage Soap is something that the salesgirl talked me into getting, I must admit. Not that I mind adding to my Wild Argan Oil collection (I have 4 out of the 9 + the loofah). I do actually like massage soaps and what really caught my attention is the shape. With the shape being as it is, it serves as a tension relieving massage as well as microcirculation – not that I suffer from lack of circulation but it can always help, especially in the Winter months (this is me justifying the reason for buying it).

On to the goodie bag! As I said, The Body Shop were very generous, and since I got a couple of friends with me, they dropped a few extra bits into my goodie bag!


I know right! Quite the goodie bag! These are all the products I found in my goodie bag:

  • Wild Argan Oil Shower Gel
  • Dewberry Body Lotion
  • Chocomania Shower Cream [Sample Size]
  • 2 Chocomania Body Lotions [Sample Size]
  • Red Musk Eau De Parfum [Sample Size]
  • ColourGlide Shine Lip Colour in 11 – Rare Coral
  • Four Sample Pots of Body Lotions
  • Bath Soap Balls (couldn’t find there official name anywhere – If you know, please let me know)

Overall it was a lovely evening – great company, great products, great brand! Everyone from The Body Shop was so helpful and sweet – and they also offered us Oreos and a drink! Personally, I enjoyed every minute of it and can’t wait to try out all of the products!

What are your The Body Shop faves? Did you enjoy the post? Like it! Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below 🙂

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