Nail Polish Tutorial: A Hint of Mint

As you may know, I’m rubbish at nail polish application, but a few weeks ago I wanted to try something different. Therefore, I decided to share with you how I achieved this nail design!

You can use any nail polish colours you wish – I’m currently in love with mint so I decided to use bluish-green tones. As you can see from the picture below, any brand of polish will do. I decided to go for a gradient effect, but you can choose to go with whatever you prefer.

You will also need any type of sponge for the design. I used one of my makeup blending sponges as they’re just the right size of nail designs.



elf-haul-blending-wedges (1)

After applying my base coat, I applied Essie’s Mint Candy Apple to all off my nails except my ring finger. Since I had never done it before, I tried the design only as an accent nail, but I’m pretty sure it would look even better on all of your nails!


While your nails are drying, apply the nail polishes you decided on using on to the sponge. Since you’re aiming for a gradient effect, make sure you’re applying the colours from darkest to lightest. When applying the nail polish on to the sponge, make sure to slightly overlap the previous colour so that your gradient will be blended nicely.


Once you’re done with applying the nail polish to the sponge, gently press the sponge onto your finger. You can do this until you’ve achieved your desired gradient. After taking photo below, I actually went back in with the sponge and added a bit more of teal and mint to make my design a bit lighter.


When I was happy with how the design looked, I grabbed a cotton bud, dipped it into some nail polish remover, and carefully wiped off the excess nailpolish on the edges of my finger. After giving my new design some time to dry, I applied a clear top coat to all of my nails.


And voila!

If you decide to try out this nail polish design, send me a photo on Instagram and Twitter @elainemuscat94 or on Facebook, as I would love to see them!

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Until next time,

Elaine xo