Event: The Body Shop Malta Christmas Launch

The logical thing to do when you have a lot of WAY TOO MUCH products from The Body Shop? Go to their Christmas Launch, of course!


Last Friday, I was lucky enough to get invited to The Body Shop’s Christmas Launch, together with a other Maltese beauty bloggers.


The event took place at their Sliema outlet where we were greeted to a beautifully decorated outlet, Christmas goodies and a vibrant sea of new products. We were then invited to a short presentation about the brand Christmas theme – CANDY! The presentation boasted their natural bath & body product line were they are currently collaborating with ‘l-Istrina’, the largest annual Maltese fundraiser for charity. Through this collaboration, The Body Shop shall be donating €1 to ‘l-Istrina’ for every gift purchased from the selected line.





(That pretty lady? That’s my beautiful bestie, Frannie, of course! 😀 )

We were also given a brief overview about the makeup they have out this festive season. The stars of the line are definitely the lip and cheek stain, and the liquid liner. Even though the concept of using one product for your lips and cheeks is not something new, it is somewhat different and introductory to the Maltese market. Moreover, the liquid liners are glittery, making them perfect for the Christmas festivities. They also had the nail polishes they released at their last launch on display, which may or may not have slipped into my shopping basket…


The rest of the night consisted of a lovely chat with the ladies and the staff, and taking a lot of photos for you to see! The Body Shop were very generous by offering a 20% discount off all the gifts!  They also didn’t let us leave empty handed and gave us a couple of goodies to go along with our personal purchases.


Here is what I picked up:

Vanilla Brulee Body Polish

If you like the smell of cake batter with vanilla frosting, than this baby is perfect for you! The entire vanilla range is simply beautiful and smells divine. I went with the body polish – the scent is not too overpowering, but just right. I already used this and I already know I love it! I regret not getting the body butter though..I might end up getting it..eventually..


Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil

I purchased this cleansing oil purely out of neccessity. I ran out a while ago and could barely wait until the event to get it, simply because it’s my favourite cleanser and I cannot live without it! Absolutely a must!


Colour Crush Nail Polish in Berry Gorgeous

Don’t judge me – I couldn’t resist! This gorgeous beauty was calling out my name…ok, maybe not literally, but you catch my drift. I’ve been lusting over these nail polishes since their launch, so it was high time I test them out! Plus, this stunning dark purple-plum colour is gorgeous for the Winter season.


Strawberry Hand Cream and Lip Balm Duo

I actually got this as a gift for someone 🙂 In my opinion, these little duos are perfect gifts for your friends and family. Running late on Christmas shopping? Stock up on these, and you’re covered. Plus, they make great stocking fillers!


White Musk Libertine Gift Set

As the name implies, I also got this as a present. This beautiful set contains:

  • White Musk Libertine Eau de Toilette
  • White Musk Libertine Eau de Toilette (Travel Size)
  • White Musk Libertine Body Lotion
  • White Musk Libertine Shower Gel
  • Mini Notebook

Quite the gift, right?! All that for under €40!


And let’s not forget to mention, the goodies they gave us:


  • Frosted Cranberry Gift Set – Shower Gel, Body Lotion and Body Mist
  • Olive Gift Set – 2 Shower Gels and a green loofah
  • 2 toe-dividers
  • 2 Colour Crush Nail Polishes in The Body Shop Green and Gorgeous Grey

I must say, I enjoyed myself more than last time’s event – probably because of all the Christmas spirit! Everyone from The Body Shop was so helpful and sweet, as they usually are 🙂 Again, I enjoyed every minute of it and can’t wait to try out all of the products!

What are your The Body Shop faves? Did you enjoy the post? Like it! Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below 🙂

Until next time,

Elaine xo


Top 5 Autumn/Winter Lipsticks


I don’t know about you, but Autumn is my favourite season. I love Autumn’s fashion (even though, I’m still learning how to layer outfits), makeup looks, change in weather, and everything else really. Even though in Malta, it still feels like Summer – it literally only rained once, and we’re sometimes having hotter days than in Summer – I still try to find any excuse to transition into the Autumn season.

Today, I’ll be sharing with you my favourite Autumn/Winter lipsticks. I must admit, the majority are red, but I can’t help it! In fact, that is why I merged the two seasons together because in Winter all I wear is either lip balm, or a red lip.

Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Laquer in Celestial – €7.79

These lip laquers from Rimmel are just amazing. They glide so smoothly, and their colour pay-off is ridiculous! Even though I like nude lips, I don’t find that it soothes me that much, so this (and another lipstick I’ll be showing you) is the next best thing. I absolutely love this!


Rimmel London Kate Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick in 107 – €7.14

This lipstick is probably my most worn lipsticks of all time! I just love it! The 107 has been such a hit in the beauty community – the winter season would not go by without someone raving about it. Not only is it a deep red, but it applies as a matte satin finish which is just gorgeous – this means that it will last more than your regular lipstick (most mattes last longer) without drying your lips out. I currently have super dry lips because of the medication I’m taking, and this feels so good on my lips. Can’t recommend it enough!


Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Colour Moisturising Lipstick in Power Red – €22.10

This gorgeous baby is the only high-end lipstick I own – and I absolutely love it! Unlike the Rimmel 107, it’s a creamy true red colour and has a gorgeous shine to it. Apart from the gold packaging being so luxurious and classy, the colour pay-off is outstanding – I went out to eat and after stuffing myself with food, it was still there on my lips! A bit pricey, I know – but you can always wait for a feelunique.com offer! 😉


The Body Shop ColourGlide Shine Lip Colour in 11 – Rare Coral

As I previously said, I’m not really a nude person as I feel that most nudes wash me out, but I don’t mind this one. It is actually the only nude I own and did get it as a gift – If I had to choose, I think I’d rather go for a nude with more pink-bluish undertones. This is mainly because I have yellow undertones to my warm-neutral skin, and therefore, products that have orange undertones can make me look even more yellow/orange. Nonetheless, I don’t mind this – it’s very creamy, smooth and hydrating. I only wore this a couple of times when I had heavier eye-makeup, and I liked the way it looked on me. This means I need to invest in some more nude lipsticks!


NYX Round Lipstick in Black Cherry (LSS575) – €5

This creamy lipstick is in a class of it’s own. I just love the intensity and colour pay-off this lipstick gives! Even though it is a very dark vampy red, it has brown and purple undertones to it that make it so wintery. Just like the Rimmel 107, it does not dry your lips out, being it is matte. Another thing I love about this product is that you can determine how dark your lips are going to be based on preference – you can really build this product up. Love it!


Here are the swatches for each lipstick mentioned 🙂 I apologise for the quality of some of the photos – Will try to get that sorted ASAP.


And that’s all for today!

What are your favourite lipsticks for this season? Did you enjoy reading this? Like it! Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below 🙂

Until next time,

Elaine xo

Event: The Body Shop Malta

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you MUST have realized by now, how much I love The Body Shop. I must admit, I do fall for the products they put on the shelves and so far, I have loved almost every single product I have ever owned.

So last Tuesday, I got the opportunity to attend a bloggers’ event by The Body Shop (Malta)!! I had been contacted a few weeks back and was also asked to invite 6 other people to tag along. My good friends Liza and Fran were obviously two of the six, and the other four were these beautiful ladies:

Maya from Blue Jeans and Red Lipstick
Lyndsey from Splashes of Looks
Charlene from A Cosmetic Affair
Lorraine from Lola Loves Sparkles

The event took place at their Sliema outlet where we listened to a short presentation about the brand and their new products, mainly their Wild Argan Oil range. The presentation then transitioned into a makeup demo using The Body Shop products, and a mini pamper manicure session that we all could get.


The most talked-about range during the event was of course their Wild Argan Oil range. This range is part of The Body Shop’s Community Fair Trade campaign and get Wild Argan Oil fr0m Morocco. The Body Shop currently have 25 Community Trade suppliers around the world and intend on featuring more.

The Wild Argan Oil Range consists of 9 products:

  • Wild Argan Oil Body Butter
  • Wild Argan Oil Radiant Oil
  • Wild Argan Oil Body Scrub
  • Wild Argan Oil Shower Gel
  • Wild Argan Oil Bubbling Bath
  • Wild Argan Oil Body Lotion
  • Wild Argan Oil Solid Oil Lip Balm
  • Wild Argan Oil Miracle Solid Oil
  • Wild Argan Oil Massage Soap

The range also comes with an ‘Argan Lily Blue’ Loofah, but doesn’t contain any Wild Argan Oil properties.


During the makeup demo, their also was a short mention of the All in One Instablur Eye Primer. This product has been released for quite a few months but has been a hit since it first launched. This primer can be used all over the face like any other primer, with it’s main focus being for the eye area.

One of their latest releases, are the Colour Crush nail polish range. The 26 nail polish range is 100% vegan and is 5-free. The formula for these nail polishes is made without Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Toluene or Camphor. Moreover, the formula is made with Community Trade Marula Oil.

The rest of the night consisted of a lovely chat with the ladies and the staff. The Body Shop were very generous by offering a free renewal of their Love Your Body Loyalty Card (which I had just renewed two weeks before :/ ) and on top of that, and additional 15% on all of their products! They also didn’t let us leave empty handed and gave us a very generous goodie bag to go along with our personal purchases.

I had happened to visit the shop two weeks prior to the event, so I didn’t purchase much. With that being said, I can’t help myself.


I ended up getting the White Musk Smoky Rose Eau De Parfum and the Wild Argan Oil Massage Soap. May I first just point out that their entire White Musk range is divine – but, I can’t have it all (for now) and so decided to opt for this one. The Smoky Rose perfume has a (obviously) floral-musk scent which I find to be slightly mature and strong, yet not overpowering. It also has notes of tobacco flower which I personally find intriguing.

The Massage Soap is something that the salesgirl talked me into getting, I must admit. Not that I mind adding to my Wild Argan Oil collection (I have 4 out of the 9 + the loofah). I do actually like massage soaps and what really caught my attention is the shape. With the shape being as it is, it serves as a tension relieving massage as well as microcirculation – not that I suffer from lack of circulation but it can always help, especially in the Winter months (this is me justifying the reason for buying it).

On to the goodie bag! As I said, The Body Shop were very generous, and since I got a couple of friends with me, they dropped a few extra bits into my goodie bag!


I know right! Quite the goodie bag! These are all the products I found in my goodie bag:

  • Wild Argan Oil Shower Gel
  • Dewberry Body Lotion
  • Chocomania Shower Cream [Sample Size]
  • 2 Chocomania Body Lotions [Sample Size]
  • Red Musk Eau De Parfum [Sample Size]
  • ColourGlide Shine Lip Colour in 11 – Rare Coral
  • Four Sample Pots of Body Lotions
  • Bath Soap Balls (couldn’t find there official name anywhere – If you know, please let me know)

Overall it was a lovely evening – great company, great products, great brand! Everyone from The Body Shop was so helpful and sweet – and they also offered us Oreos and a drink! Personally, I enjoyed every minute of it and can’t wait to try out all of the products!

What are your The Body Shop faves? Did you enjoy the post? Like it! Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below 🙂

Until next time,

Elaine xo

September Favourites 2014

September Favourites

As I might have mentioned in previous posts, I am currently trying to make use of the products I currently own, rather than simply buying new ones. Therefore, I get to actually re-discover products I may have put aside or didn’t have the chance to really try.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation in Dark Beige (55)

Since I’ve been at work, I’ve been using the e.l.f. mineral foundation in Warm and had totally forgot about this product. It was only this past month that I actually got into using it. It applies nice and even. I must admit, even though it is quite pigmented, once you buff it in to the skin, it is much more sheer than I expected it to be. Therefore, I personally need a good two layers of it and then going in back with concealer (keep in mind my problematic skin). The shade I have is slightly dark for me and could have gone a shade lighter as it may show up slightly orange. Then again, thanks to my ‘tan’, I can get away with it for now. What I really like about this product is that it feels really light on the skin and really does last. When I’m wearing it, it feels like a barely have got anything on and especially in Malta’s humid weather, that’s a major plus.

The Body Shop Hand Sanitizer in Coconut

You probably know by now that I love my hand sanitizers. In fact, I already have two new ones waiting to be used. The main reason I use hand sanitizers so much is that I have such a bad habit of constantly touching my face. Apart from that, I use public transport daily, and if you have ever used public transport yourself, you will understand that not everyone is hygienic, which quite frankly, disgusts me.

Bourjois 123 CC Eye Cream in Light Beige

I had been eyeing this product for a while so I was quite excited to try it out. To be quite honest, I think I prefer my Maybelline Concealer more than I this one. What I really like about this product is that it does cover up those dark circles and also brightens my under eye area. Therefore, I like to use this most when I need to look like a had 10 hours of sleep. I also do like the consistency of it, but again, I prefer the Maybelline one. It did crease a couple of times on me, but when I took the time to set it really well, I didn’t as much creasing. We also have to keep in mind that during the month of September, it is still quite hot and humid in Malta. Therefore, some products that might be fantastic in other countries, may have varied results here due to the climate.

Bourjois Concealer

Real Techniques Stippling Brush

As you may know, I love the Real Techniques brushes quite a bit, so it’s no surprise that this ended up in my favourites. Even though I normally go for the Expert Face Brush for foundation application, I reached out for this brush more this month, especially when applying the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum. I prefer this buffed in finish with the particular base I use, giving off a very natural healthy-looking finish. Since it has short bristles, it gives you a controlled, even application, which I really like. This is definitely a brush a would recommend to anyone!
Real Techniques Stippling Brush

And those were all the things I was loving this month!

What were your September Favourites? Did you enjoy the post? Like it! Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below 🙂

Until next time,

Elaine xo


May Favourites 2014


You know time is flying by when May is already over and exams are just round corner! I was quite hesitant in gathering my May favourites because it’s the first time I had to look back on what I loved the past month. Without rambling on too much, here are a couple of things that stood out the most in May. Enjoy!

The Body Shop Coconut Body Mist – €10.50

This just smells gorgeous. I mentioned this product in my recent Body Shop Haul, if you want to go check that out 😉 This stays on for a good 4 hours i would say which is very good for a mist as they aren’t as strong as perfumes. If you like the smell of coconut, I definitely recommend this!


The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil – €13.70

I’ve been using this all month long to see how it works with my skin – and I absolutely love it! It removes waterproof makeup really easily leaving your skin so clean and soft. I find that it also doesn’t dry the skin like some other cleansers do – and it’s good for all skin types, which is a plus. Oil-based products are really good for the skin as they don’t strip the skin from its natural oils, but on the contrary, they balance and nourish the skin which really helps with breakouts and acne-prone skin.


Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream in Light Beige – €14.07

I’ve never had a CC cream before, so I was really excited to try this. It goes on really smoothly, easily an blends beautifully. It’s medium coverage but it is quite buildable so that doesn’t bother me. There are days where I really don’t feel like putting on foundation (especially because it’s so hot and humid in Malta!), so this really comes in handy. I apply it by dotting it onto my face and blending with my fingers as I find that it gives me easier and even application.


Nivea Original Lip Butter – €3

I think I have just found one of my all time lip care products! This lip butter keeps your lips so moisturised and hydrated, making them so so soft! Since the product comes in a tin container (i don’t really know how to explain it..), just make sure that you have clean hands when applying the lip butter because otherwise you’ll make the product inside the tin container really yucky and full of bacteria.


 Darkhorse by Katy Perry

I must admit, when I first heard the song, I REALLY didn’t like it. But it seems that it’s stuck on replay on radio because they can’t seem to stop playing it. This is one of those songs that I start liking after listening to it over and over. And now, I can actually say that I love it! And being honest, my favourite bit is Juicy J’s part. I try so hard to have the rapper swag when singing along…and needless to say, I fail MISERABLY. A for effort, I suppose.


Becky’s by Rebecca Borg

My favourite person of the month has to be my friend, Rebecca from Becky’s. Not only is she one of the sweetest people I know, but she is also SUPER talented at creating all kinds of yummy treats – go check her out now! For all you Maltese people who would like to try out some of her yummy goodness, you can always contact her to make an order, and believe me – you won’t be disappointed! (She had made me a dark chocolate birthday cake and it was DIVINE). Oh and Reb, if you’re reading this – SURPRISE! 🙂 x



And that’s all for today!

What were your monthly favourites? Did you enjoy reading this? Like the post! Share your thoughts and comments below!

Until next time,

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The Body Shop Haul


So a few weeks back I had gone Sliema shopping with Liza and surprise surprise, I picked up some Body Shop items! I know, I can’t resist – they’re just so beautiful. I have tried most of the products out but I won’t be giving you any reviews for now because I haven’t being using them consistently enough to see any changes in my skin.

Vineyard Peach Body Scrub – €12.50


I’ve never used a body scrub before so I was quite excited to get this. Initially, I had watched Fleur from Fleur de Force talk about the raspberry version of this but when I smelt it, I felt that it was a little too much for me. So I went with this one and I really like it.

Blue Corn 3-in-1 Deep Cleansing Scrub Mask – €9.50


I definitely needed a deep cleansing mask that really gets all that gunk out of the skin. One thing I recommend is that you use this when you don’t have active breakouts. This is because since it has exfoliating particles in it, it may counteract and simply spread bacteria from your active breakouts around. So be careful.

Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil – €13.70


The idea of washing a relatively oily face with oil isn’t too appealing, but so many youtubers raved about using cleansing oils and balms even on oily skin, that I caved in and got this beauty. It does have that floral scent to it (not too strong) so if you’re not into that, I’m afraid this isn’t for you. I have been using this for quite a while and so far I’ve got no complaints.

Coconut Body Mist – €10.50


I could eat this up, it smells so good! The body mists where on offer at €7 each, so naturally, I HAD to get, not one, but two body mists! This scent I simply could not resist as it’s so divine. It layers really nicely so you don’t need to worry about putting to much or having an overpowering smell.

Vineyard Peach Body Mist – €10.50


I was feeling a bit Spring/Summery when I got this. It is quite strong so unlike the coconut body mist, you don’t want to put too much since it’s so fruity. I still really enjoy the scent of this, but just a heads up.

Seaweed Day Cream – €10


You know you’re a Body Shop shopaholic when you’re entitled to €10 free gift. Yep, that’s right. I could pick out anything from the store that was within the €10 mark, so I decided to give this a go.

Do you have any of the products I purchased? Did you find this interesting? Like the post! Share your thoughts and comments below!

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Elaine xo