Feeling Festive: Christmas Nail Art

Christmas is just around the door!! What better way to get into the  than to have nice-looking nails?!

In today’s tutorial, follow these easy tutorials that will leave your nails looking polished and stunning for the Christmas season!

And on that note, I’M ON YOUTUBE! Well, kind of (does not showing my face or speaking still count?)

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Nail Polish Tutorial: A Hint of Mint

As you may know, I’m rubbish at nail polish application, but a few weeks ago I wanted to try something different. Therefore, I decided to share with you how I achieved this nail design!

You can use any nail polish colours you wish – I’m currently in love with mint so I decided to use bluish-green tones. As you can see from the picture below, any brand of polish will do. I decided to go for a gradient effect, but you can choose to go with whatever you prefer.

You will also need any type of sponge for the design. I used one of my makeup blending sponges as they’re just the right size of nail designs.



elf-haul-blending-wedges (1)

After applying my base coat, I applied Essie’s Mint Candy Apple to all off my nails except my ring finger. Since I had never done it before, I tried the design only as an accent nail, but I’m pretty sure it would look even better on all of your nails!


While your nails are drying, apply the nail polishes you decided on using on to the sponge. Since you’re aiming for a gradient effect, make sure you’re applying the colours from darkest to lightest. When applying the nail polish on to the sponge, make sure to slightly overlap the previous colour so that your gradient will be blended nicely.


Once you’re done with applying the nail polish to the sponge, gently press the sponge onto your finger. You can do this until you’ve achieved your desired gradient. After taking photo below, I actually went back in with the sponge and added a bit more of teal and mint to make my design a bit lighter.


When I was happy with how the design looked, I grabbed a cotton bud, dipped it into some nail polish remover, and carefully wiped off the excess nailpolish on the edges of my finger. After giving my new design some time to dry, I applied a clear top coat to all of my nails.


And voila!

If you decide to try out this nail polish design, send me a photo on Instagram and Twitter @elainemuscat94 or on Facebook, as I would love to see them!

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Mother’s Day DIY: Sugar Scrub

It’s soon that time of year where we go out of our way to splurge on a gift for our mothers. I’m not saying that this is necessarily a bad thing but it’s simply a marketing tool for us to keep on spending – Why not go out of your way to buy something special on any other day of the year?

With that being said, I too fall for this marketing scheme and most of the time find it difficult to get my mum something she will actually use. Not that she doesn’t appreciate sentimental gifts, but they always seem to end up in a drawer somewhere.

That’s why I’ll be sharing a simple DIY gift – one that can actually be used up without breaking bank.

This week, I’ll be sharing with you an easy way to create a Honey Brown Sugar Scrub. This works great on dry, crackled heels and elbows but can also be used as a regular body/foot scrub. It’s also a cheap alternative to expensive sugar scrubs, most probably having at least half of the ingredients in your pantry as we speak. No need to mention that this doesn’t necessarily have to be a gift – you can make this for yourself (cheeky, I know) !!

I would also like to mention that I actually got the idea for this scrub off Pinterest so all the credit goes to Tina from Sugar Bean Bakers. You can view her post here.

You will need:
1/2 Cup Brown Sugar
1/2 Cup Cane Sugar (or Raw Sugar)
4 Tablespoons of Olive Oil (or melted & cooled Coconut Oil)
1 Tablespoon of Honey
1 Teaspoon of Vanilla


All that you need to do is mix all these ingredients together. It’s that simple!



After thoroughly mixing, you should have a dense, somewhat sticky consistency as seen above. Use this scrub the same way just as you would with any other sugar scrub.

Now, you will need to store in an airtight container of your preference. I chose a clean recycled mayo jar I found lying around. If you’re making this scrub as a gift, you might want to add a little tag or design to the container – I went with polka dot wrapping paper as I love the pattern.


To cover the lid of your jar, all you need to do is measure and trace around it on the piece of material you will be using. Make sure to also mark a circle roughly 1 inch larger than the lid size. This is important so you will be able to wrap the material around the lid. After drawing the larger circle, start cutting out small strips (as pictured) for easier adhesion.


It’s time to glue things together! If you think you are unable of doing this alone, please get someone to help you as I wouldn’t like to be responsible for having your hand stick to something it shouldn’t….and well, for your own safety. Anyway, apply a generous amount of the glue to the lid and gently press your material onto it, making sure that your material is centered. After doing so, flip the lid over, apply some glue to the inside of the lid and fold the flaps you created earlier. Then leave it to dry. If you would like a better demonstration on how to do these, you can check this video out.


Then I just put the scrub I made into the jar – I used the same ingredient amounts and all of the scrub fit in the jar, so you roughly have an idea of how much this recipe yields.


I finished everything off by adding a little ribbon and tag reading “Happy Mama’s Day!” – but you can write whatever you want.


And that’s it!  You now have created a really simple yet sweet Mother’s Day pressie!

Disclaimer: If you’re applying this scrub to your feet, please be careful to wipe your feet well after use as they might be slippery due to the oil.

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And Happy Mother’s Day! 🙂

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Feeling Festive: Easter Nails

If I had to make a list of all the things I’m not good at, painting my nails would probably be right under ‘studying Chemistry’.

I constantly find myself watching nail art tutorials on Youtube and be like, meh too much work. I know – I’m impatient. But since it’s Easter tomorrow, I was feeling a little festive so I decided to show you my creation.




First, apply a base coat to protect your natural nail.


Then paint your nails a colour of your choice – I chose a mint colour but I think it would also look great using a white nail polish as your base colour . You may need to go over it more than once depending on the opacity of your nail polish.


Let your base colour to dry and then, using a dotting tool, dot on different coloured spots to your preference. In my opinion, the more random the spots are, the cuter it looks. Also, I used different sized spots to give the design more texture.




Finish off with your favourite fast-drying top coat to seal in your design and you’re good to go.


And there you have it! Your Easter Egg inspired nails are ready to show off!


Products I used:
Essence Studio Nails Ultra Strong Nail Hardener
e.l.f. Nail Polish in Mint Cream
e.l.f. Nail Polish in Nude
e.l.f. Nail Polish in Lavender Mist
Rimmel London Brit Manicure in Porcelain (430)
Essence Quick Dry Top Coat
Dotting Tools 

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